Hallo, ich bin Wiltrud Pott

“For people to open a door, they need to know who is in front of it.”

Anke Maggauer-Kirsch

Hello, I am Wiltrud,

Born in the Rhineland in Germany, I have moved around a dozen times during my years of teaching and travelling, and live now in the East Midlands, UK.


Practice makes perfect

I’ve been involved with organizing and what impact the design of our living and working environment has on our well-being for around 25 years. At first as a single person, when things were still relatively simple and manageable. Then I got married and started a family. And as a mother of three active boys, I sometimes couldn’t keep track of how quickly things came into the house. The schedule also got busier and busier.

In order to organize our family life as harmonious as possible and use my time efficiently, I tried many things over the years. I attended talks, workshops, and seminars at home and abroad, tested new methods and their suitability in our everyday family life.

Today I know what works and what doesn’t.

What helps one person can be useless for another. I therefore always look for an individual and customised solution for each of my clients. Every person has their own destiny, their own abilities and is always the centre of my attention.


Focus on feelings and needs

The method of appreciative / non-violent communication (NVC) according to Marshall B. Rosenberg provides me with valuable resources for that work. I first came into contact with this method more than ten years ago. I have been a NVC trainer since 2021.


Settling in the house of life

A critical component of my counselling work is biography work. Understanding which topic was important, is important and becomes important in which phase of life opens up completely new perspectives and possibilities. With this understanding, the rooms of one’s own house of life can be better equipped and it is easier to decide which things find their place in it and where they belong.