My packages


To give you an idea of what you can achieve, I have put together five packages for you.

Before the session, we discuss your wishes and needs by phone or video call, identify the areas relevant to you and plan a fully customised and totally personal approach.


"Let's get started" - The basic package

3 hours

This is the perfect way to start clutter clearing and organizing.

We can complete a smaller project: e.g. making your workspace more functional, tidying up a kitchen cupboard or organize your wardrobe.

"Deepening" - The well-being package

6 hours

With the well-being package we can dive deeper into the clutter clearing work and focus on larger areas, such as the kitchen, the study or the living room. We leave with the good feeling that your home is now open and well-organized again.

"Getting down to business" - The energy package

3 x 3 hours

Between the sessions you have the opportunity to let the positive changes take effect on you. You can practise new habits, do your “homework” and continue to work on getting everything in your home back into the best order.

"Realignment" - The clearing package

3 x 6 hours

We press the re-set button for a fundamental and goal-oriented realignment and I continue to accompany you in your newly reorganized life. About four weeks after our last appointment we can have a phone or video call to clarify any unanswered questions, makeĀ  adjustments and celebrate together what we have achieved.


"Up to date" - The online package

1.5 hours

Clutter clearing and organizational advice is also available online.

With the help of the camera on your mobile, tablet or laptop, we take a video tour of the areas you want to tackle on your way to a clutterfree life. Then we roll up our sleeves and get started!

Prices are based on an individual agreement and the actual effort involved.

Would you like to declutter other areas of your life? I will be happy to help you with the relevant information and contacts.