What you can expect from a session


Clutter clearing is a creative process. By decluttering and organizing, we give things and ideas a place in our lives. Since new things and ideas come into our lives all the time – very quickly and in large numbers, depending on our life situation – it is not always easy to stay organized and up to date.

I will show you how you can succeed. We will sort your home step by step and bring clarity and lightness back into your life.

If you are asking yourself: “Should I throw everything away now?” Then I can reassure you: You certainly don’t have to! Instead, we will go on an exciting treasure hunt to find the pearls that are valuable to you. You decide the destination, the scope and the pace. Iwill be right by your side, listen attentively and help you make decisions.

We will look at everything together. We clear out things that have become superfluous, that you no longer use, that you no loger like (or have never liked). We reorganize the things you love, use and want to keep so that everything is easy to find.

You will notice that you simply feel more relaxed, calmer and less stressed. Your mind will be clearer and you will feel fresher and livelier. Look forward to it!